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Veteran’s Day

Thursday is Veteran’s Day. The VFW will be holding a ceremony at 11 am at the courthouse.

In response to a comment I know of, I’d like to say EVERYONE is invited and encouraged to attend. That includes all veterans from any branch of the military from any point in time. All citizens, youth and anyone else.  We’re free today, because so many have defended those freedoms over the last 200 + years.

This is an opportunity to show support, or to honor, thank or remember those who fought, sacrificed, or suffered the ultimate sacrifice for their country; or were a POW/MIA in any war, conflict or government police action in any country in the world.

When America called, they responded.  If they didn’t I would  not be at this computer typing this article. You wouldn’t be reading the words in English. 

There is tremendous suffering still going on around the world today. However, I don’t believe our soldiers should be suffering any stigmas from wars fought long ago.

America’s soldiers have fought and died to give us the right to speak our mind. Let’s remember, when we speak of them, to do it in the respectful way they deserve, no matter the war in which they fought.

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