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Madison Co. Land Transfers

QC: Teresa Elders Brown to Timothy D. Elders

WD: Rose Marie Henderson to Gerald E. Henderson Trust Et al

WD: Daniel V.L. Stroup & wife to Ernest Jerry Stephens & wife

WD: Mildred H. Stroup to Carol Sue Kennedy Et al

WD: George W. Goss & wife to Paul Stumbaugh & wife

WD: Paul J. Stumbaugh, Jr. & wife to Gabe Cresswell

WD: Morrow Realty Dev. LLC to Willis Dean Richardson, Jr.

WD: Nanya Ann Black Et al to Davelyn J. Pruett

WD: Douglas W. Walkenhorst & wife to William S. Allenbach, Jr.

WD: R&G Land Co, LLC to David C. Elsea & wife

QC: Denise E. Vickers to Ronald L. Craft

QC: Denise E. Craft to Ronald L. Craft

WD: R&G Land Co., LLC to David C. Elsea & wife

WD: Wesley Earl Royer & wife to Robert O. Cannon

QC: Michael Brinkley to Christy Boyer

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