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The beginning of December (maybe even the last week of November) seems to be a time when all of us become ‘transformed’ into someone new.  Holidays seem to stimulate us and can bring out the best in most of us.  We prepare culinary dishes that we only create for special occasions.  We bring out the favorite china and glassware to set on our tables.  We begin thinking about who will be joining us for different celebrations and possibly make special invitations.  We rummage through our wardrobes to find the suitable attire for every event.  Some may be too large; others too small since we last wore them, but we have to find something!  If trips are part of the scenario, we get our vehicles in order, and allow extra time for traveling.  Gift lists are made and shopping sometimes gets out of hand and becomes a hassle.

Decorating is usually a huge item on our list of ‘tranformations’.  We make certain the lights are all working; if not, a trip to the store for more!  Stretching out the garland and making certain it is long enough and then securing it with whatever will work.  Fresh or potted flowers always add a touch of elegance, and the boxed and wrapped ornaments are carefully undone and hung on the tree.  We want our homes to be inviting and beautiful.  What chores we will go through in order to appear festive!

I can’t help but wonder, in the midst of all of this, if we are preparing and ‘transforming ‘ our hearts and minds into the real reason for the season.  We see signs that wish us everything except the true meaning of Christmas.  We hear music that pertains to winter and fun and bells and Santa, but do we also listen to that which is uplifting and spirit renewing.  The Holy Bible says that “We are to ‘be transformed’  by the renewing of our minds, that we may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.”  During this coming month, may we be ‘transformed’ into a giving, loving, compassionate, patient, and caring person rather than a scrooge.

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