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Madison County Commission Minutes

December 20, 2010, the Madison County Commission met with the following officers present: Presiding Commissioner John Rauls, First District Commissioner Dennis Bradford, and Second District Commissioner Larry Mungle. County Clerk Don Firebaugh was present to record the proceedings.

Presiding Commissioner-Elect Bob Mooney attended the meeting.

E-911 director Steve Perkins reported he attended a TAC meeting in Poplar Bluff. Perkins said the 911 department received 459 calls, other than emergency calls on Sunday, December 12, 2010 during the power outage in Fredericktown.

Gregg Pruett, Road and Bridge Supervisor questioned the requirement for the county to maintain CR 519. Commissioner Mungle said since it was still a county road, it needs maintained.  Pruett said the road over Newman Lake, also a county road needed some maintenance to allow the water to flow properly. Discussion followed on the effectiveness of the salt brine put on some county roads before the ice storm last week. Pruett said after the rain started freezing, little could be done to help the roads. The pre-salted roads did seem to thaw quicker the next day. It was decided to use the salt brine mixture more abundantly next time it is needed. Pruett said the department spread over 400 tons of chat last week after the ice storm.

Becky Hunt, Madison County Health Director presented the Commission an ordinance that establishes fees for communicable disease services and general public health services provided through the Madison County Health Department. In accordance with RSMo 192.300, counties that provide services for the prevention of communicable diseases can recoup outside costs incurred by the Madison County Health Department for goods and services that are provided by public laboratories, testing facilities, clinics, physicians or other health care providers, including but not limited to laboratory charges, testing supplies, vaccine purchases, except those provided through the State of Missouri. The Madison County Health Department Board of Trustees will annually set the reasonable fees to be paid by all clients to recover the costs. The fees shall be paid by clients in accordance with a sliding scale based on Federal Poverty Level and family size.

 Bradford made a motion, seconded by Mungle to approve the ordinance. The motion carried.

Rauls and Mooney attended the SEMO Regional Planning meeting in Perryville last week.

Bradford and Mungle met with the Road and Bridge supervisor last Wednesday. Commissioner Bradford and Representative Shelley Keeney drove over several blacktopped county roads to assess the damage caused by the EPA cleanup trucks. She will contact the EPA and try to get some results in the way of funding. Mr. Ron Roy met with  Commissioner Bradford and showed him the damages caused by the EPA cleanup trucks on CR 536.

The County Clerk set January 14, 2011 as the date for the 2011 budget hearing.

The Courthouse will be closed on Friday, December 24, 2010 and Friday December 30, 2010 to observe Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

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