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It’s Basketball Season””

Now that most of the football season is over, we can turn our attention and time to basketball.  I’m not a professional basketball fan at all, but our high school games are fun to watch.  I also get very involved with watching when March Madness arrives.  I sometimes have trouble deciding which teams I would like to win, but that usually depends upon who makes it to the finals.

When my father was in high school in Indiana, they had a very small team of players.  There were times that several would foul out and it would leave his team with only two or three players on the floor.  But they continued to win.  Their coach was the school principal, but knew very little about the game.  He instructed them that the center could play on the entire floor, but that the forwards had their allotted space, and the back guards had to stay in their designated compartments.  They went to a nearby school to play and all of their players were using the entire floor to play.  His coach protested, so the referee went to his rule book and showed my father’s team that this was legal. When my father’s team coach got out his book of rules to show the referee this wasn’t correct, someone noticed that his team was playing with ‘girl’s rules’!  Needless to say, they never lived that one down!

If you get the chance, enjoy some of the games and this particular season, because it won’t be long until Baseball is upon us!  My, how time does fly!

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