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Agriculture… Makes my Day!

The alarm rings in the beginning of another day!  Tossing aside the warm cotton bedding, it is off to the shower armed with soap, shampoo, conditioner, wash cloth and towel. 

Things kick into high gear as teeth are brushed, body lotion applied, make-up in place and…the final touch, creating what will hopefully be a good hair day.  A warm wool sweater, slacks, coat and gloves will fortify me against the cold winter air.

Bacon, muffin and fruit activate the digestive juices.    Oh, yes, note to self…pack a quick lunch!  It is nearing grocery shopping day, so the choices are limited…take it or leave it.  A peanut butter sandwich, apple, yogurt and pretzels it is.  Hastily thrown into a thermal bag, it is off to the car, stopping only to grab the last few swigs of coffee.

One turn of the key and then the gear shift is slipped into reverse.   The vehicle moves from the garage into the driveway and onto the street.  It is off to face the world.

Another day is underway!  But wait, where did we get all the things we used in this morning ritual?  The answer is…agriculture.  Crops such as cotton, corn, soybeans and wheat, along with animal products, provide us with everything from bedding to food to clothing to fuel.

Farmers are on duty 24/7 working to provide us with the raw products needed to enhance our life.  Thanks to their efforts, we enjoy a safe, abundant and affordable food supply.  Additionally they provide products and co-products that are key components in our clothing, homes, toiletries, automobiles, recreation, and so much more.

Missouri Farm Bureau and county Farm Bureaus across the state are declaring February 6-12 ‘Thank A Farmer Week.’  Activities focusing attention on the important role of agriculture and the farmer will be visible throughout the weeklong promotion.  These include in-store and restaurant promotions, classroom activities, meal events, office celebrations, proclamation signings and presentations to elected officials.

Our nation is proudly rooted in agriculture.  While less than 2 percent of the population is engaged in production agriculture, all are reliant on agriculture in some way every day.  Today’s farmer is a businessperson producing enough food and fiber for 155 people.  

Agriculture as an industry provides jobs for more than 21 million workers.  These are the individuals who produce, process, and sell the nation’s food and fiber. 

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