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‘The Leader’

I’m certain all of you have seen stories about different kinds of animals that followed someone they knew and trusted.   We watched a movie this weekend about a horse that had been severely hurt, and how, with loving attention to it’s recovery and dedicated devotion and love on the part of a young lady, the horse completely recovered.  We had to laugh as we watched the horse following the young lady everywhere she went on the farm.  You talk about complete devotion, they had it for each other.

Psalms twenty three says the same thing about our Heavenly Father.  Regardless of what might come our way or what we might be entrenched in at the moment, God says that He will be our Leader (Shepherd) and bring us through.  It might be physical, mental, financial, emotional; it doesn’t matter.  He promises that if we will lean upon Him, He will bring us to the other side.  He doesn’t leave us there.  Nor does He desert us.  Mountains wouldn’t be mountains without valleys in between.  Peaks are great, but we can’t stay there all the time!  Sometimes we don’t like the valleys because they are difficult, but during those times is when we become strong and learn the lessons we need to develop in our lives.  What leader are you following?  One who gives peace and calm and assures you that you can survive, or one who creates turmoil, division, unrest, and ultimate chaos.  Check out your leader.

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