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‘In A Fog?’

I recently heard a story about two men who were best friends.  They hadn’t seen each other in awhile, so they decided to get together and spend the day fishing and catching up on all the news.  They gathered their gear, met at the docks, rented a boat, and were off for a day of fun.  Before they left the dock, one of the men asked the owner how they would know where the dock was if they got lost.  He told them to head north, and it would bring them straight back.

The men thoroughly enjoyed themselves for the entire day, laughing, reminiscing, catching lots of fish, and being together after such a long time.  As it was time to head back to the dock, they lifted the anchor, started to leave the area, and found that a very dense fog had settled in over most of the lake. Not certain of their whereabouts, one of the men thought they should head back to the right. The other man felt that was wrong and that they should head left. They couldn’t travel very fast at all because the fog was getting thicker by the minute. Feeling confused, one of the men remembered that they had a compass in their gear, so he took it out, pointed it to the north, (which was neither to the right nor left), and they headed back. After quite awhile, they finally made out a dim view of what they thought was the dock. Sure enough, they made it back safely.

Do you have a ‘fog’ in your life that is keeping you from seeing clearly; maybe sickness, financial problems, stress and tension, a death, a divorce? Any of these things or others can make us feel like we are definitely ‘in a fog’, not knowing where to turn. Those around us might be saying go this way, do that thing, don’t do this, yet our minds are telling us something entirely different. There is that tug of war and we are confused.  My advice; make certain you know to whom you are listening and receiving your instructions. Our Heavenly Father is always ready, waiting, and willing to show us the right way, if we will but ask. He will never guide you wrongly.

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