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Three incumbents return to school board

Current Bismarck R-5 School District members Norman Loughary, Steve “Bull” Barton and C. Kenneth Wakefield will return to their seats on the board of education.

The three candidates each ran for re-election this April, and will serve another three-year term with the board.

This election, Loughary had 242 votes, while Barton earned 201 and Wakefield gained 219.

Challengers Matthew Jackson had 195 votes and Robert McLane had 171.

Both Jackson and McLane had never filed to run in any election prior to this year.

Before this election,  Barton served on the board of education for two terms. He is a graduate of Bismarck High School.

Barton said he enjoyed the way his first two terms panned out and that he has seen the district make progress, which is why he ran for re-election. He also believes it is important to be involved with the school district and give back to the kids.

Loughary, who has also served two terms on the school board, is an alumnus of Bismarck High. He works as a supervisor at Doe Run Co.

After serving six years as a board member, Loughary said the district has accomplished a lot and he wants to keep up the progress.

Since 2008, Wakefield has had a seat on the school board. He just wrapped up his first term as a board member this year.

Wakefield works with the Missouri Highway Patrol and said he wanted to run for reelection because he has always looked for ways to improve Bismarck Schools.

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