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North County music students excel

North County choir and band students have a lot to brag about lately.

The North County Choirs recently received Superior Ratings at the Missouri State High School Evaluation for Vocal Music.

North County was represented by three choirs at the March 24 festival: Concert Choir, NC Singers, and the women’s choir, Trebleaires.

All three left with a Superior Rating. NC Singers and Concert Choir both received unanimous superior ratings from all the judges in attendance.

“It was a very exciting day. We were happy to see our hard work rewarded,” said senior choir member, Patrick Barr.

North County Choirs are under the direction of Allyn Rizo. This is her second year teaching at the high school.

“We have been working toward this goal all year,” she said. “This festival is the vocal music version of the World Series. I was extremely proud of our choirs and the accomplishments that were made.”

In addition to the choirs’ success, several vocal music students were honored as individuals with Superior Ratings. Sophomores Leslie Hickman, Holly Camp, Killion Lewis-Foot, and Senior Missy Camp all achieved a Superior Rating on their vocal solos.

A Men’s Trio made up of Seniors Tyler Heflin, Austin Lotz, and Junior, Josh Buckner received a superior rating. Also with a superior rating was a Ladies Trio with Seniors Brittani O’Connell, Missy Camp, and Sophomore, Holly Camp.

North County also had a Mixed Double Quartet made up of Seniors, Brittani O’Connell, Missy Camp, Tyler Heflin, Austin Lotz, Patrick Barr, Juniors, Mikayla McKenzie, Josh Buckner, and Sophomore, Holly Camp.

These students will advance to the State level and compete at the University of Missouri Columbia on April 30.

“I have had the opportunity to compete at the state festival playing trombone,” Heflin said. “This is the first year I will be going as a vocalist as well as instrumentalist.”

North County will be represented at the State Music Festival with 17 musical events. The choir’s next public performance will be their Spring Concert at 7 p.m. May 17 at the North County High School Auditorium. It is free and open to the public. 

On March 25, the North County High School Symphonic Band also participated in the MSHSAA State Music Evaluation Contest at Jefferson College.

The band performed two prepared pieces for three judges who evaluated their performance. Following that performance the band went into another room for an entirely new piece of music unfamiliar to them that was created specifically for the MSHSAA Contest under strict criteria.

The Symphonic Band earned all Superior 1 Performance ratings from all four judges.

“Only two districts from the entire festival earned Straight 1 ratings ( North County and Farmington,) Shelley Layton, director of North County bands said.

“The Superior 1 Rating is the highest rating given at the festival, so as you can tell our students did a fantastic job!” she said.

The next day, North County had several individual students participate in the MSHSAA District Solo and Ensemble Contest. 

“We took 20 events on Saturday and came home with 10 Superior 1 ratings, 7 Excellent 2 Ratings and 3 Good Ratings!” she said.

Any student who earned a 1 rating will advance to the state level and will have the opportunity to perform again on April 30 in Columbia to earn a state rating.

“It was a great weekend for musicians at North County!” Layton said. 

 Superior 1 Ratings: Charlyn Ortmann – Clarinet Solo; Peter Hickman – Alto Saxophone Solo; Byron Allen – Trombone Solo; Natalie Jackson- Flute Solo; Missy Camp- French Horn Solo; Misti Barnhouse- Snare Drum Solo;

Saxophone Quartet: Peter Hickman, Connor Caldwell, Amanda Schroer, Connor Stephens;

Clarinet Trio: Charlyn Ortmann, Taylor Wells, Sydney Owings;   

Trombone Trio: Byron Allen, Tyler Heflin, Derek Richard;

French Horn Trio: Missy Camp, Holly Camp, Madelyn Chandler;

Excellent 2 Rating: Kelsey Hall Flute Solo; Leslie Hickman- Clarinet Solo; Jonathan Roux- Trumpet Solo; Katie Spradling-Clarinet Solo;

Clarinet Quartet: Leslie Hickman, Katie Spradling, Justine Arcand, Tiffany Newburry;

Flute Trio: Kelsey Hall, Andrea Black, Charlyn Ortmann;

Flute Trio: Natalie Jackson, Taylor Wells, Molly Bess

Good 3 Rating: Ashley Settles- Flute Solo; Killion Lewis-Foot- Trumpet Solo; and Taylor Wells- Clarinet Solo.

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