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Cap America employees compete in weight loss competition

In January several Cap America employees were interested in doing some type of weight loss competition, so Human Resources Manager Delania Reed proceeded to implement a contest where teams of two would compete. It was hoped that this would motivate everyone to lose weight and take advantage of the exercise rooms at the facility, and it really did work!

The contest included a $10 contribution from each participant to be entered into a “pot” and split between the winners at the end of 12 weeks. An amazing 49 participants signed up and Cap America matched their contributions bringing the winning amount up to $980. Cap America also provided small incentive gifts to be given to the winner of the most pounds lost each week of the competition.

The final weigh-in was conducted April 1 with a total of 252.4 pounds lost! The winnings were split three ways. Categories were: Most Pounds Lost, Most Individual Percentage Lost, and Most Team Percentage Lost. Everyone had a great time competing with each other, and it was a moral boost to the company as a whole watching the participants compete. The company even purchased a new scale, because there was some good-natured controversy concerning the accuracy of the old scale during weigh-ins.

The biggest winner was John Cooper who lost an amazing 43.2 lbs. Next in order was Vincent Turner who lost 29 lbs, Tom Gillespie lost 28.6 lbs., Cindy Ward lead the women with 23.2 lbs. lost, and Daniel Martin lost 21 lbs.

A number of employees have expressed an interest in continuing with the competition, so Round #2 has begun. Currently there are 24 participants signed up with the first weigh-in  April 8.

The stakes have been raised this time to keep everyone motivated. There is a $15 contribution from each participant, plus anyone who does not lose weight or stays the same as the last week’s weigh-in will have to add $1 to the pot.

The pot will be split in half with  half (plus the additional penalty money) going to the participant with the most pounds lost at the end of the 10-week competition. The other half is put into a pot and each week of the competition, the person who loses the most pounds will win 10 percent of that pot.


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