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Madison County Comission Minutes

Monday, April 4, 2011, the Madison County Commission met with the following officers present: Presiding Commissioner Robert Mooney, First District Commissioner Dennis Bradford and Second District Commissioner Larry Mungle.  County Clerk Don Firebaugh was present to record the proceedings.

Bill Starkey from the Cherokee Pass Fire Department thanked the Commission, Clerk and Treasurer for all the work they had done to support the new Cherokee Pass Firehouse Grant they received over the past two years. The grant requires a substantial amount of paperwork to be completed and forwarded to the correct departments for proper payment of expenses. Most of the labor was performed by volunteer fireman and supporters from Madison County. Starkey said the new firehouse was much needed; a state of the art structure and wanted everyone to come visit.

E-911 director Steve Perkins reported nine hours of overtime was required again last weekend due to the airplane crash in the southwestern part of Madison County. The Pictrometry NAS system in dispatch became inoperative again last week. Perkins asked again that a part-time dispatcher be re-hired. Calls for the month of March were: 87 Emergency Medical, 41 Fire, 98 Law, 98 Hang-Up, 55 Non-Emergency, 18 Transfer, and  no Test calls. Of the 397 calls, 279 were from cellular phones. Perkins will attend the regional 911 directors meeting this week.

Ernie Robinson, Acting Road and Bridge Supervisor reported one dump truck needed four new tires and presented a ten year raise request for one employee.

Bud Allen, a Madison County resident appeared to ask questions on possible waste of tax revenue, especially in fuel usage. He suggested fuel tanks be put up and fuel bought from a jobber in another county. He questioned why parts and some equipment were purchased from vendors in other counties. The Commission explained their feelings on buying local products as much as possible, but would allow Allen’s recommended fuel vendor to come to a meeting and discuss his proposal. 

The Commission asked SEMO Regional Planning Commission to find out the requirements to repay the Tax Increment Funding (TIF) loan sooner than 2023. Chauncey Buchheit reported a new amortization schedule had been provided which will allow Madison County to pay off the loan by 2018. Mungle made a motion, seconded by Bradford to approve the re-payment schedule.

The motion carried by vote. Another $450,000 will be paid by April 15, 2011; $525,000 will be paid through 2017 with a final payment of $447,260 in 2018.

An agreement with The Environmental Protection Agency was tabled until it is further reviewed by the Prosecuting Attorney Andrew Tarry.

A letter from the 24th Judicial Circuit Juvenile Division was received, requesting Madison County increase their payment from $41,918.60 annually to $46,155.00 annually due to increased maintenance and operating costs. The request is under consideration and will be addressed after further discussion.

Mooney met with Jim Dismuke from the City of Fredericktown, Denny Ward from Marquand and Dennis Bess about the requested health ordinance from tbhe Madison County Health Department. The ordinance was not approved at this time.

He attended an Emergency Management meeting at the Fredericktown Fire Department and attended the First Friday event at the Chamber of Commerce building.

A Thank You card from Marcy Asher was read for allowing her to meet with the Commission and explain the bond proposition Mineral Area College had on the April 5, 2011 Municipal Election ballot.

 Mooney and Dismuke also looked at the county parking lot across from the courthouse and discussed plans to upgrade the site for better parking.

 Bradford said he had two school bus drivers call and complain about conditions on county roads. He reported the problems to Robinson at the Road and Bridge department.

 Mungle said he received a call with a tree down on CR 208. He and Bradford went to the Road and Bridge department last Wednesday to check on conditions. He also drove over CR 203 to check on the soft spot repairs being accomplished by the Road and Bridge crew.

 Mungle and Mooney looked at the county parking lot. Mungle had some ideas that would enhance the appearance and size of the parking area.

No meeting (was) held Monday, April 11, 2011 because of the MAC Legislative Conference in Jefferson City.

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