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More rain

A good wet morning to everyone. I really don’t have much to write. Guess I could tell you all that we’ve had lots and lots of rain the past week, but I think you all know that. This has been some wild spring weather, hasn’t it? My mobile home has been surrounded by water a few times since all the rain started. In fact I’m going to have to wade water right now to get to the mail box. The water isn’t from a creek, my trailer sits in a low place. No damage right around here that I know of, only electric off, longer for some than others. I know those electric guys work night and day to restore power in all kinds of weather. I’m proud of them and think they do a great job. The MoDot men too. They both have lots of territory to cover. I know people don’t like to lose their food in freezers but it’s part of life. Food is getting more expensive all the time.

This is Monday morning and it’s beginning to rain again. I just took a walk out to look at Crane Pond Creek and boy it is really on a roll.

I hope at least part of you had a good Easter. I don’t know if my church had services or not. I sure couldn’t get there, and I always look forward to Easter Sunday. It always has a special feel to it.

I was sorry to learn of the sudden death last week of Agnes Goodson of Annapolis. She was a member of the Nazarene Chuch and was always there for church services. She leaves four children to mourn her departure. One son, Charles; three daughters, Larene (Gene) Alcorn, Sue Kampie and Carolyn. Her funeral and burial was at Ellington. My deepest sympathy to you all.

Nadine Slusher spent a few days with her daughter and son-in-law Sue and Virgil Hodge in Farmington. I spent Sunday week ago night with Nadine and also spent a night with Helen and Louis VaVak. My grandaughter Mercedes was gone to Columbia for a couple of days for FBLA so I took a mini vacation.

Carol Hamilton has been on theouts here lately again. She had a carbuncle and had to have it lanced. I haven’t heard of one of those for years. Thank God she is doing fine once again. She went to Bismark Saturday to attend a fish fry at the home of her daughter and son-in-law Jim and Sherry Smith. Their daughter Mandy and husband and baby had just came in from a stay in Portugal. I’m sure they all had a happy reunion.

Ethan West of Jewett, son of Tim and Lisa had his tonsils taken out on Friday morning. He is getting along just fine I’m glad to say.

Doyle Ruble of Annapolis suffered another heart attack a day or so ago. Worse than the one he had about a month ago. He is in serious condition in Jefferson Memorial Hospital at Festus. Pray for him and also for his wife Fern.

Also be in prayer for Irene Kriger of Fredericktown. She just went into the Baptist Home on 72 Hwy just out of Ironton, about a month ago. She is really sick. I don’t know if she is in a hospital or not. But please keep her in your prayers.

Graduation at South Iron will be next Saturday afternoon, May 7th, beginning at 3 P.M. I believe there will be 29 graduating.

Happy birthday wishes coming up to-Destiny Warren, May 6th; Serenity Warren and Harold West, May 9th; Frank Hinkle, May 7th. Tim and Lisa West had an anniversary April 20th which I missed. I sure hope you two had a great day.

Jennie you made me hungry for greens by reading your column. Next week I’m going to have poke green beans and corn bread, fried potatoes too of course, good eating.

Well I finally got to church this morning. It began raining again just as we came out of the church house. While at church I learned that my nephew Bobby West over at Fredericktown, while trying to get water out of his basement, fell on his steps and injured his leg real bad. Sorry to hear that Bob, and I hope you are back on the road to recovery real soon. Be in prayer and deeds for Bob and his family.

Also remember Bill Brewer in prayer. He lives in Piedmont but right now he is in a hospital, not sure which one, seriously ill. He is the father of Sharon West of Fredericktown. God bless you all.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers. I hope it’s a nicer day than today has been.

I missed my mail carrier last Monday so this column grew a little longer.

Thanks to Harold and Brenda for putting up with me and Mercedes Monday and Tuesday night. Brenda stopped by and talked us into getting out of this mobile home for the night. We were surrounded by about two feet of water but I don’t think we were really in any danger. The rain is pouring down again tonight.

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