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Some things never change!

Everything changes!  Nothing stays the same! Life is geared to the rhythm-of-change. A seed is  planted, cultivated and nourished, grows up,  produces a  harvest, and dies. A child is born, nurtured and loved, grows up, matures and becomes productive, and dies.

We, being human, do not like change! We’re comfortable with what we know. We’re satisfied with life as it is, even though it might not be a very good life. We become defensive and angry whenever we’re moved out of our comfort zone. We resist with all our might whenever we’re forced to go into new territory. We become fearful whenever we’re faced with an unknown.  Yet, as long as God gives us breath, change will happen! The secret  of living well is our ability to adjust to all the changes, and to use those changes in a constructive way to better our living.

The good news is that in the midst of all the changes, some things do remain constant!

GOD remains constant! God never changes! Our ideas and concepts of God do change, and quite often. Some folks do not believe there is a God. Others say there’s a 50 – 50 chance there’s a God. A lot of  people say there’s a God, but go on to live as if there were no God. Makes no difference what we believe, God is still the Source and Sustainer of life!

GOD’S LOVE remains constant! Our Heavenly Father gave birth to every one of us, loves us a million times more than any earthly parent. In fact, He loves us sooo much that He sacrificed His only Son on the Cross to make things “right” between us again! Nothing in Heaven or on earth can stop God from loving us!

RESPECT FOR LIFE remains constant! After God created Life, God said: “Now that’s good!”  Life is holy because God is holy. Life is sacred because God has touched it, and continues to touch our lives. To destroy life is to go against God. God respects our lives, and  respects our freedom to make our own choices. As God’s children we, too, should respect the life of every person, as well as respect their property and possessions.

TRUTH remains constant! The “truth” equals  the standards and limits that God has set concerning life. God says: “These are My rules for living; obey them and you will be alive; disregard them and you will die!” God went so far as to send us Jesus Christ to show us the right way to live life! Jesus Christ is the “perfect pattern;” if we pattern our lives  after His life, and  if we follow His teachings, we will enjoy life at its best! Some people say that “truth” is relative — What’s “true” for me might be “true” for them. Others say that “truth” changes with the changing times. But  God remains the true standard against which all life will eventually be judged!

OUR NEEDS remains constant! We have a need to be loved. We need to feel accepted as a person. We have a need to find our proper place in the scheme of life; we need to find some purpose for being here. We need to feel respected. We have a need to be treated with honesty and integrity. We need someone we can trust. We have a need for hope for better days ahead. As a loving and caring Heavenly Father,  God is able to fulfill our every need; God wants us to have a life that is rich and full and over-flowing and abundant — and He gives us everything we need to have that “good life!”

As long as we live, change will happen! The secret in living life to the fullest  lies in our ability to trust the fact that God is with us through all the changes, and that God will lead us safely Home!  Praise be to God!

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