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Future Community Leaders

North County Junior Jeffrey Cauley recently founded the Future Community Leaders of St. Francois County, a group dedicated to community service and public outreach. 

Cauley describes the organization as “a group of well-thought students determined to improve their community, engage cooperative volunteer skills, and learn more about public service.”

First on the board’s agenda is presenting and sponsoring a 5K for United Way. It will be held in front of the Bonne Terre Post Office on Aug. 27. 

“While I had already begun organizing for this event, I thought of the possibility of having a group of individuals that could rapidly engage in community projects to make a gigantic impact,” he said. 

“The organization’s board: Rachel Gann, Kierstin Godier, Natalie Jackson, Megan Parks, and Rebecca Sprauer are all determined students who share the idea of breaking through limits and making a difference.”

He said they plan to present multiple events throughout the rest of their high school careers and are excited to sculpt St. Francois County into an even more thriving area to live, work, and love. 

“With our unique composition of all students and absence of an adult representative, the Future Community Leaders of St. Francois County is the first official organization registered and operated by minors,” he said  “We represent the idea that everyone has the time and ability to volunteer their time and resources to better someone else’s situation. 

Having these types of events requires major planning, organizing, volunteering, and sponsorship.

Without their sponsors, purchases of tangible goods to promote our organization including T-shirts and advertising items would not be possible and they are grateful to those businesses who have funded these purchases. They are always in need of volunteers to help ease operations at our events. For more information, e-mail

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