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Consumer Handbook

The 2010 GSA (Government Services Agency)  Consumer Action Handbook is available at the Madison County Extension Office. The handbook is a consumer information guide to contacting companies and government agencies all across the United States.

If you have a complaint about a transaction or purchase you would like presented to a higher manager or administrator, a sample letter is included for reference. Telephone numbers are included where applicable (you can send compliments too, so don’t be shy).

The book lists the names and addresses of lots of federal agencies, many state county and city consumer protection agencies, corporate contacts including automotive industry contacts, Better Business Bureau contacts, banking authorities, insurance regulators, state utility commissions, trade organizations and much more.

The handbook also provides basic information on your rights when you shop from home, online privacy, financial privacy, reporting identify theft, investing, and appealing health insurance claim decisions. There are descriptions of agencies, and what they can or can not due for consumers.

There is an index in the back and the last page includes information on how to receive the 2011 publication when it is printed (free of charge).

In short, no matter who you are, this handbook can be the next step in gaining knowledge and asserting your rights as a consumer.

Pick up the free copy at the Extension Office. You just may need it some day.

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