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Madison County Commission Minutes

Monday, August 1, 2011 the Madison County Commission met pursuant to adjournment with the following officers present: Presiding Commissioner Robert Mooney and Second District Commissioner Larry Mungle.  First District Commissioner Bradford was absent but submitted a report. County Clerk Don Firebaugh was present to record the proceedings.

E-911 director Steve Perkins reported an updated MULES program had been installed and was in operation. Perkins said a router that enables calls to be handled properly was replaced over the weekend and a new employee was working. He said the new employee is a very fast learner and doing a good job.

Gregg Pruett, Road and Bridge Supervisor reported the Road and Bridge department was vandalized sometime Saturday night. A window was broken to gain access. A pickup truck and numerous other tools, equipment, and keys were stolen. When found, the incident was reported to the police and sheriff Sunday. An investigation continues. The Commission agreed to install security cameras at the site.

Mooney asked for discussion concerning the county parking lot across the street from the courthouse. He said he would like to see the project completed because it has been planned for several years and The City of Fredericktown will help with part of the cost and labor.

Mungle made a motion, seconded by Mooney to approve completing the project at this time. The motion carried. Dig-Rite will be called to mark any gas, phone and electric lines and work will commence in a few days.

Last week, Madison Medical Center Administrator Lisa Twidwell requested permission from the Commission to allow the Madison Medical Center to have an election on November 8, 2011 to ask voters to abolish the current county property tax levy and impose a county wide retail sales tax of up to one-half of one percent for the purpose of providing revenues for the operation of the hospital. After discussion, Mungle made a motion, seconded by Mooney to approve the hospital board’s request to allow the question to be put on the November 8, 2011 ballot. The motion carried. This will be a special election paid fully by the hospital.


Mooney met with FEMA last week concerning the flood maps. New flood maps should be given to the county soon. He also met with FEMA to submit another project request for the recent flood (#1980).

Mooney attended an Economic Development meeting at Black River Electric and a Food and Shelter meeting at Ozark’s Federal Savings and Loan last week.

Mooney met with the other Commissioners and looked at the county parking lot and discussed plans for the project.

Bradford reported that he had a call from Ivan Link on CR 503 saying people were driving too fast. Another call needing rock on CR 423 was received along with a call on CR 512 saying the road was rough and needed graded.

He looked at the damages to blacktop at the EPA site on CR 220.

Bradford attended the EPA meeting at Black River Electric, met with Pruett at the Road and Bridge department and met with the other Commissioners and looked at the county parking lot last week.

Mungle said he also attended the EPA meeting at Black River Electric, looked at the county parking lot and went to the Road and Bridge department with Bradford last week.

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