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Couple seeking homes for exchange students

There are 11 foreign exchange students looking for homes in the area for the upcoming school year.

Jackie and Gary Pinkston, of Farmington, are area representatives for STS. They are looking for a few warm, loving families to open their hearts and homes to a foreign exchange student. The students are hoping to arrive about a week before school begins and stay until school is over in May.

Hosts can be single parents, empty nesters, or couples with young children or teenagers. Host families provide room and board and a loving environment. The students don’t have to have their own rooms but, if not, must share a room with a child of the same sex within a couple of years of the same age. Students speak English and have their own spending money and insurance.

The Pinkstons have until the end of August to place the students but are trying to do so quickly so the students can start school with their classmates.

The group seeking host families includes:

• A girl from Switzerland will be 16 in October. She is into track and field and is strong in three languages.

• A 17 year old girl from Germany who is “very sporty” and enjoys horseback riding.

• A 17 year old girl from the Netherlands who also enjoys horseback riding and is superior at English.

• A 16 year old girl from France who is into Fine Arts such as music and drama.

If you are interested in any of the foreign exchange students or would like information call (573) 756-1879 or 1-866-425-4678. Hosting a foreign exchange student can be the opportunity of a lifetime.

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