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Reports indicate Waller confessed to murder

Cape Girardeau news sources are saying the federal prosecutor believes Clay Waller confessed to his father that he killed his estranged wife, Jacque Waller.

According to KFVS12, Clay Waller appeared in federal court Thursday morning for a detention hearing on his new federal charge related to Internet harassment of Jacque’s sister.

The news channel reports U.S. Assistant Attorney Larry Ferrell told the judge that Clay Waller confessed to his father that he killed his wife and buried her in a hole. His father lives in a nursing home.

Jacque Waller’s family has believed all along that Clay Waller is responsible for her disappearance. They also believe she is dead. Jacque, a Farmington graduate, went missing June 1 and was last seen near Clay Waller’s home in Jackson.

Just before 1 p.m. today there was a post on Find Jacque S. Waller Facebook Page that read, “Friends: We (the family) have not heard anything from LE regarding a confession. As we want to rejoice as we read the paper, we cannot because we want it to be direct from LE. Bittersweet as it is we are not going to subject ourselves to further pain until we have heard from LE….I hope not to offend anyone…thank you…”

Jacque’s father, Stan Rawson, didn’t attend the detention hearing and didn’t want to say much about what he knows. However, he did say he is pleased with how the prosecution is going and he is happy they are turning the heat up on Clay Waller.

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