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Trustees approve Brockmiller’s construction bid

Mineral Area College trustees unanimously approved a $789,000 bid submitted by a Farmington construction company for additions and renovations to the school’s Fredericktown Outreach Center. The vote took place at the board of trustees’ regular monthly meeting Thursday on the Park Hills campus.

Brockmiller Construction was the choice of MAC trustees who considered bids from seven Missouri construction companies for planned improvements to the school’s Fredericktown campus set to include a new science lab, east side canopy, classroom and student lounge.

Prior to the vote, MAC Finance Director Rusty Straughan explained to trustees that all seven of the submitted bids exceeded the $650,000 budget approved for the project.  

“Brockmiller’s bid is more than $100,000 more than the project’s budget,” said Straughan, “but our architect will be getting with them to see what changes can be made to lower the cost of the project so it will fit within the budget.”

Earlier in the meeting, St. Louis architect David Kromm of Kromm, Rikimaru & Johansen, Inc., presented a scale model of additions and renovations to be made to the Park Hills campus. All of the work taking place on MAC’s campuses will be financed by the sale of $8 million in bonds approved by voters in last April’s election.

It’s expected the trustees will approve the winning bid for the Park Hills project in its February 2012 meeting.

In other action by the board:

The meeting’s consent agenda — including approval of the August meeting minutes, outstanding bills, fund investments, a date of Oct. 13 for the next month’s meeting and approval of purchase orders/requisitions over $10,000 — was approved.

MAC President Steve Kurtz’s State of Missouri Report was heard and approved.

An enrollment report given by Dean of Students Jean Merrill-Doss noted that a total of 3,809 students are enrolled at MAC for the 2011 fall semester. Although there was a total enrollment of 3,991 students at the same time last year, Merrill-Doss said there are approximately 150 more full-time students attending MAC now than in the fall of 2010.

Kurtz said that Michael and Melissa Goldsmith were scheduled to be the guest speakers at this month’s Fourth Friday. Former state representative J.C. Kuessner, who now serves as deputy director of administration for Missouri Parks, will be the guest speaker for October’s Fourth Friday program.

New MAC employees were introduced to the board by department administrators.

Director of Development Julia Dill provided trustees an update on the Simmons Match fundraiser for the school that continues through the end of this month. Dill said that, to date, there have been 123 donors make contributions this year.

“This is the first year we’ve had over 100 donors,” said Dill. “It is also the first time we’ve raised over $10,000. If we have 22 people give $50 over the remaining eight days, we’ll reach our goal.”

College for Kids Director Pam Frakes presented a multimedia update of the program to trustees. She said that this year the program offered 64 classes for the 120 children enrolled. Of that number, Frakes said 24 attended the program on scholarship.

“Our budget pretty well balanced out this year, with $2,000 left in our account,” said Frakes.

Computer Systems Technician Wendall Johnson presented the Classified Staff report.

Assistant Professor Ruth Seaber presented the Faculty Forum report.

Dean of Arts and Sciences Kay Crecelius presented an update on AQIP.

Amended overload and adjunct recommendation lists presented to the trustees by President Kurtz were approved.

Kevin R. Jenkins is a reporter for the Daily Journal and can be reached at 573-431-2010, ext. 114 or at

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