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Madison County Commission Minutes

Monday, Sept. 19, 2011 the Madison County Commission met with the following officers present: Presiding Commissioner Robert Mooney, First District Commissioner Dennis Bradford and Second District Commissioner Larry Mungle.  County Clerk Don Firebaugh was present to record the proceedings. David Grimes from SEMO Regional Planning Commission was on the agenda.

E-911 director Steve Perkins reported he attended the regional E-911 meeting last week and said it appears a bill will soon be introduced  to the state legislature that, if passed will provide more funding for the 911 service. Missouri is the only state that does not provide this fee on cell phones.

Gregg Pruett, Road and Bridge Supervisor received bids from three salt companies. Cargill was the lowest bidder at $67.96 per ton, delivered.

He will look at three Madison County bridges that will be redone soon using FEMA mitigation funds.

Pruett said he returned the pavement machine and roller this week that was rented for patching.

Discussion continued on the possible purchase of a better road grader. Charlie Grubb will be here next week to give a price on the grader with trade-ins.

David Grimes. Ozone Coordinator, SEMO Regional Planning Commission reported that the federal ozone level regulation has essentially been replaced with a less stringent program. He asked the Commission to approve the memorandum of understanding for Missouri Rural Regions Plan Integration for Sustainable Development.  The Commission agreed and signed the document.

Notice was given that a vacancy exists on the Madison County Council for Developmentally Disabled.  An application was received from Sandy Francis, a qualified person for the appointment. Commissioner Bradford made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Mungle to approve the appointment of Sandy Francis. The motion carried.

Discussion followed concerning the Madison County parking lot across from the Courthouse.  The city of Fredericktown has tabled any discussion concerning the verbal agreement to purchase concrete blocks for the retaining wall. Commissioner Mungle made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Bradford to also table any plans for further work on the project. The motion carried by vote: Presiding Commissioner Mooney (yes), Commissioner Bradford (yes), and Commissioner Mungle (yes).

Mooney met with Fredericktown City Administrator Mr. Jim Dismuke to discuss the E-911 contract issue. Mungle met with Gregg Pruett at CR 203 last week to check on the patching project and looked at CR 208 for the ditching and repair work being done.

Accounts payable for the last week were presented for payment by the County Clerk. Bradford made a motion, seconded by  Mungle to approve payment. The motion carried.

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