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Marriage Licenses

Samuel Alison Hovis, age 25, of Fredericktown, to Jessica Ellen Terry, age 18, of Fredericktown.

Gregory James-Anthony Becker, age 50, of Fredericktown, to Mary Jane Maribona, age 48, of Fredericktown.

Ronald Hal Simpson, age 34, of Fredericktown, to Ginger Fay Kemp, age 35, of Fredericktown.

Thomas Magnum Mitchell, age 23, of Fredericktown, to Melissa Leigh Stuppy, age 20, of Fredericktown.

Joshua Adam Dierks, age 27, of St. Clair, to Dacia Michelle McCoy, age 28, of Bonne Terre.

Nicolis Steven Kennedy, age 29, of Oklahoma City, to Ashley Noel McDaniel, age 23, of Oklahoma City.

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