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Judge places woman on probation

FARMINGTON – A Park Hills woman was placed on probation for endangering a child.

On Friday, Circuit Court Judge Sandy Martinez placed Sabrina Hutchinson, 24, of Park Hills, on five years of supervised probation for first-degree endangering the welfare of a child by using illegal controlled substances in the child’s presence and endangering the welfare of a child by failing to render medical aid.

If she violates her probation, she could be sentenced up to 10 years in prison.

In the first instance, police were dispatched to investigate the death of 28-year-old Donald Dale Myers Jr. of Doe Run at a house in Park Hills at about 1:30 p.m. on Nov. 5, 2009. The man, Myers, had small puncture wounds on both of his forearms at the elbow bends.

Deborah Ogle told police that Hutchinson called her at about 12:45 panicking that she couldn’t breathe.

She said she arrived about 15 or 20 minutes later and found Hutchinson on the front porch crying. She said Hutchinson complained “he won’t leave.”

The two went into the house and the witness discovered that the man was dead. She said she suspected that he died from an overdose since her daughter, Angela, was with him the night before. She said she removed everything from the man’s pockets and found a syringe. She left everything on the bed next to the man.

Hutchinson told police Angela Ogle and a man drove her and Myers from Doe Run to her home in Park Hills. She said Myers asked if they knew where to get some heroin. She said Angela Ogle told Myers that she could get some.

Witnesses said Angela Ogle and a man went to an apartment building which she called the “heroin hotel” and she purchased heroin from Willis. The four then returned to Hutchinson’s house where Angela Ogle said Myers injected himself and she injected herself and Hutchinson.

However, Hutchinson and another witness said Myers and Angela Ogle did the heroin.

A child was present in the home at the time they were doing drugs.

Hutchinson said she got up that morning with one of her two young children who were home but later went back to bed. When she woke up, she found Myers dead.

She said she called Deborah Ogle and they attempted to wake him and then called police.

The second charge alleged she failed to take a child to the doctor or a hospital when the child was sick.

In other cases, Joshua James Carrow, 31, of Bonne Terre was sentenced to five years in prison for second-degree burglary. The sentences will run consecutive to his other sentences.

Brandon J. Welker, 30, of Desloge, was sentenced to seven years in prison for violating the probation he received for stealing.

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