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Cross Erected on Presbyterian Church

The First Presbyterian Church in Fredericktown erected a Celtic cross on the highest point of the church, in September, 2011.  This cross was part of the original architecture of the building, mounted on an outdoor bell tower that was dismantled several years ago.  This church building was completed in 1959 and the crumbling bell tower became unstable.

The Celtic cross, first seen in Ireland in the 7th or 8th century AD, is a symbol that combines a Christian cross with a ring surrounding the intersection. The cross is a universal symbol for Christians, significant for remembering that Jesus Christ died on a cross for the redemption of the sins of God’s people.  However, the Celtic cross means more than just the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Just as a circle is never-ending, with no beginning and no end, the circle on the cross promises eternity and love from God forever. 

The people at the First Presbyterian church recognize the importance of the symbolism of the Christian cross and decided to erect it on the roof after a storm necessitated the replacement of the shingles.  Hanner’s Construction took the initiative to form a frame to hold the cross and erect it at the peak of the roof.

It is desired that this cross will give others in our community a vision of the hope, peace, and joy of a faith in Jesus, the Christ.

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