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The Annual 4-H Recognition Dinner

 The Madison County Annual 4-H Recognition dinner was held on Friday, October 7, 2011 at Pinecrest Camp just south of Fredericktown. 

Members and leaders from the Jewett club were honored for their hard work this past year.  Triple C 4-H club was not present.

Abbey Mooney, 4-H member, served as Master of Ceremonies,   Katie Baldwin and Sam Wagner lead the pledges and Jake Hinkle did the invocation.

Introduction of Sponsors were Katie Baldwin and Zach Kinneman.  Special Awards were presented by Katie Baldwin, Brady Brewen, Abbey Mooney, Eli Sample and Sam Wagner. 

Elijah Fleming introduced NEW MEMBERS – Grant Wagner and Mattie Whitworth for Jewett.

Kayla Wagner did their Jewett CLUB SUMMARY discussing the many things they had done throughout the year.

Jake Hinkle recognized LEADERS-   1st year – Leslie Wagner; 4th year –  John Brewen and Tracy Sample;  6th year – David Hasenbeck; 8th year -Cibele Hasenbeck and John Sample; 12th year – Scott Mier and 17th year – Sandra Sample.  Those from Triple C that will receive pins are: 1st year – Shea Davis, Danetta Howard; Mellanie Smallen; Kelly Walker and Karen Yates.  4th year – Susie Eck and Amy Ward.

Cibele Hasenbeck presented the MEMBERS their 4-H pins –  

2nd year – Katie Baldwin and Abbey Mooney and 3rd year – Kayla Wagner and Sam Wagner.  Triple C – 1st year – Ethan Howard; Ivan Smallen; Austin Stephens; Brooklyn Stephens and Brittney Stumbaugh. Those receiving year pins must fill out a project record form to be eligible.

CERTIFICATES of PARTICIPATION members that were 4-H members but did not receive a member pin included: Brady Brewen,  Elijah Fleming, Eleanor Hasenbeck, Jakie Hinkle, Travis Kinneman, Zach Kinneman, Nathan Miller and  Eli Sample.  Triple C – Bridgette Clifton, Angelia Davis, Brennah Davis, Ellaina Davis, Garrett Graham, Khristian Guinn, Jesse Morgan, Andy Nelson, Ethan Smallen, Rebecca Walker, Justin Ward, Madison Ward, Peyton Watson and Emma Yates.  Members who do not turn in a project record form are not considered members in good standing and do not receive pins.

CLOVER KIDS Christopher Eck and Kaleb Walker.  CLOVER BUDS – Paige Stumbaugh.

PERFECT ATTENDANCE Ivan Smallen and Brittney Stumbaugh.

NEW 4-H OFFICERS Jewett officers were introduced by Eli Sample.

Jake Hinkle – President;  Sam Wagner – Vice President; Katie Baldwin – Secretary; Kayla Wagner – Treasurer; Abbey Mooney – Reporter; Mattie Whitworth – Photographer; Zach Kinneman – Parliamentarian; Kayla Wagner – Historian; Nathan Miller – Game Leader and Brady Brewen – Song Leader.

Those receiving PROJECT PINS which are based on the quality of

Recognition Forms (a requirement to be considered for Project Pins) and if they excelled in their project:  Jewett – Poultry – Kayla Wagner;  Beef- Sam Wagner; Scrapbooking – Kayla Wagner and Shooting Sports -Sam Wagner.  Triple C – Poultry – Ethan Howard; Clothing – Brooklyn Stephens; Goats – Brittney Stumbaugh.

CLUBS SEAL was presented by Eleanor Hasenback.

Seal given to Jewett was a “Gold” seal.

Triple C a “Silver” seal.

For information about joining 4-H contact Pam Crass at the Wayne County University of MO Extension Office, at 573-224-5600, ext 8.

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