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Parkland Health Center announces Star Service Employees of September

Parkland Health Center is pleased to announce its Star Service Employees of the Month for September and October, 2011, Margie Ketcherside and Joe McFarland, respectively.

Margie Ketcherside, Parkland’s Star Service Employee of the Month for September, has been working in patient access at Parkland Health Center for nearly 18 years, having worked in Parkland’s housekeeping department for four years prior to that. Virtually everyone who walks in the door at Parkland Health Center-Bonne Terre has met Margie at the front desk. When asked what she likes about her job, Ketcherside responded, “I like everything! I love my patients – they are the best.  To me, my patients deserve everything.  As far as I’m concerned, they come first.”  Ketcherside’s nomination from her peers reads in part that she is “always kind and caring in greeting patients.  She is helpful to all departments when assistance is needed with registration issues.  Her excellent service shows in escorting patients to the proper department and relaying the excellent care that will be given in each department.  She is a wonderful asset to Parkland.”  When asked how she felt about receiving this award, she stated, “Shocked.”  This is the second time Margie Ketcherside has received this award, having also received it in September 1999.

Joe McFarland is Parkland’s Star Service Employee of the Month for October. McFarland has worked as a radiology technologist in the radiology department at Parkland Health Center for 14 years. McFarland’s nomination reads in part, “Joe is very caring and compassionate with his MRI patients.  Patients know him by name and several even request him for their MRI exams.  He never turns down a co-worker in need; always willing to help out where/whenever he is needed.  He comes into work with a smile, leaves with a smile and in between spreads his contagious attitude to his fellow employees and his patients. Joe always looks to make the best of a situation and is always willing to go above and beyond so that his patients receive the best care possible.”  When asked what he likes about his job, McFarland said, “The satisfaction in feeling that you helped someone find out about a health issue, or helped ease their mind.”  McFarland learned about this award when it was announced over the intercom system at the hospital.  When asked how he felt, he said, “A little embarrassed, actually.  I heard them saying good things about the person, and sure didn’t expect it to be me!  I got all flushed.  I wasn’t expecting this!”

Parkland Health Center is part of BJC HealthCare which also includes St. Louis Children’s Hospital and Barnes-Jewish Hospital, the teaching hospitals for Washington University School of Medicine.  For additional information about Parkland Health Center, please call (573) 756-6451 or the physician finder service at (573) 431-3338 or visit

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