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Madison County Land Transfers

Ben Deed: Wilbur E. Hawn & wife to Richard L. Hawn Et al

WD: Floyd A. Shell & wife to United States of America

Exchange Deed: United States of America to Floyd A. Shell & wife

WD: Carl J. Reimler & wife Et al to Lester L. Wilfong & wife

Ben Deed: Malcom J. Bell to Michael J. Bell

WD: Ronald W. Gosling to S R Gaines LLC

Trustees Deed: Mary J. Vogler Et al By Trustees to Federal Dept. Mort. Assoc.

Trustees Deed: Donald D. Purvis & wife By Trustees to Federal Home Loan Mort.

WD: Federal Home Loan Mort. to Richard Jordon & wife

QCD: Lloyd S. Barrett Jr. Et al to Lloyd S. Barrett Jr. & wife

Trustees Deed: Eddie Banes & wife By Trustee to Wilmington Trust Co.

WD: Paul Skaggs & Sons Inc. to Estate of John Paul Skaggs

Easement: Paul Skaggs & Sons to Estate of John Paul Skaggs

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