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Madison County Commission Minutes

December 19, 2011 the Madison County Commission met with the following officers present: Presiding Commissioner Robert Mooney, First District Commissioner Dennis Bradford and Second District Commissioner Larry Mungle. County Clerk Don Firebaugh was present to record the proceedings.

Steve Perkins from E-911 reported the equipment is working properly. Sheriff David Lewis was present and said the equipment storage area at Fredericktown City hall needed repair work. Discussion followed with the Commission and they will assess the situation immediately.

Gregg Pruett, Road and Bridge Supervisor, reported all road and bridge work accomplished last week by the department. The Commission discussed problems with several county roads that need repairs. The new road grader purchase and delivery dates were discussed along with trade-in requirements.


Mooney attended the SEMO Regional Planning and Development Commission meeting last week.

All three Commissioners attended the District Commissioners meeting in Perryville last week.


Two bids were received to provide property insurance for Madison County assets for 2012. First State Insurance Company from Farmington submitted a bid from MOPERM and Lee Insurance Agency in Fredericktown submitted two bids; one from Savers Insurance Company and one from Trident Insurance Company.

After discussion,  Mungle made a motion to table the decision until next meeting to allow more time to look at the variances in the policies and “compare apples to apples.”  Bradford seconded the motion. The motion carried. The policies will be evaluated for comparable coverage.

Mungle made a motion, seconded by Bradford to close the open session and convene an executive session to allow the State Auditor conduct an exit briefing of the compliance audit completed in October, 2011. The motion carried.

After the Auditor exit briefing, the Open session was reconvened.


The 24th Judicial Circuit Juvenile Division asked each county in the circuit for more funding next year to help maintain their existing services. Madison County has provided 10.8 percent of the overall operating funds for more than eleven years. Next year, St. Francois County will provide $217,685.00, Washington County will provide $91,332.50, Ste. Genevieve County will provide $69,827.50, and Madison County will provide $46,155.00.

Bradford made a motion, seconded by Commissioner Mungle to approve the 24th Judicial Circuit Court – Juvenile Division request. The motion carried unanimously.

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