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Traveling 5,000 miles for therapy

Would you travel nearly 5,000 miles for Orthopedic Rehab Therapy? Probably not, but former Farmington resident Jim Boyd did. Jim made the decision last December to fly from his home near Hilo, Hawaii to St. Louis to have a complete knee transplant and then go to Camelot Nursing & Rehabilitation Center in Farmington for his orthopedic therapy.

Jim explained his decision to come to Camelot by saying, “I wanted to go someplace where I knew I would receive excellent care, get well quickly and be able to return home in the shortest amount of time. I’d had therapy at Camelot a few years ago following a hip replacement and knew immediately this was the place where I wanted to go again.

“In my opinion, you won’t find better orthopedic therapists anywhere. They definitely know their jobs and, if you work with them, they’ll make even the most dreaded therapy as pleasant as possible while making sure you’re making appropriate progress in your recovery. The entire staff on the Orthopedic Unit from therapists to nursing is friendly and caring. They treat you more like a friend than a patient.

“The large, private rooms make it easy to maneuver with wheelchairs and walkers and your recovery time more comfortable.”

Jim had his surgery on Dec. 13 and was discharged from Camelot on Jan. 7. He planned to return to Hawaii after staying two or three weeks with his son, Brian Boyd, and, hopefully, miss the worst of a Missouri winter.

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