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Long days, hard work don’t stop man from kind actions

Whenever Kimberly Allstun goes to Farmington Country Mart, she catches the same person engaged in kind acts.

Allstun reported that Jerry Snyder is unique.

“There is no other store around that I know of that has a man who volunteers to carry out groceries for the constant customers and others,” she wrote. “He performs his duties with high standards in helping others.”

Allstun said that she has never seen Jerry sitting down at work.

“Every time I see him, he is helping people unload their groceries in the car and personally asking people if they need a cart,” she related. “I have never seen a young man work as hard as Jerry. This is truly more than one story on acts of kindness.

“All employers should have an employee like Jerry.”

The Daily Journal challenges you to look for kind acts and share them with us for publication. Your stories may be submitted online by going to and clicking on Act of Kindness link. Or, you may report them to Paula Barr at or 573-431-2010 ext. 172.

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