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Recharge Yourself

Every so often, we are reminded that we need to check our flashlights, smoke detectors, and any other item we might own that uses a battery.  This is especially good to remember before winter weather gets upon us, or during the stormy seasons of the year.  Batteries of all sorts die out after awhile, even though some claim to be everlasting!

The same can be true in our daily lives as well.  Those who work (and that is everyone, regardless of whether it is outside of the home or not) are constantly doing something!  We try to maintain all of the necessary things that are essential first; ie. groceries, doctors, school, church, haircuts, bill paying, vehicle maintenance, cooking, washing. 

Then we add some of the extras such as; ballgames, practices, shopping, trips to visit relatives, vacations, hobbies and before we know it, there aren’t enough hours in a day (much less a week) to keep up and get things done!  No wonder most everyone who works a five day week can hardly wait for the weekends!  But then, there are always those ‘must do’ chores that you haven’t gotten to earlier in the week that have to be done on the weekends, so needless to say, we are a society of people who are usually exhausted, worn out, and ready to collapse into a chair or on the couch whenever we can!

Sleep, good nutrition, exercise, and relaxation all need to be included into our daily lives as a good weapon against exhaustion!  All of these things help our bodies to be recharged and ready for the next challenges we must face. 

A quiet time (even if it is only 5-10 minutes) of reading the Bible and praying for your family, loved ones, and friends is our best defense against depression and exhaustion, and you will be surprised how quickly it will ‘recharge’ your body, mind, and spirit.  Try it; you’ll like it!

I forgot to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day in my last article and I know this is a day or two late, but “HAPPY  LOVE  DAY” anyway!  Whether we feel like it or not, or whether we realize it or not, we are ALL loved!

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