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Ft. Davidson curator to speak on Cherokee removal at meeting

Fort Davidson State Historical Site Curator Brick Autry will be the Iron County Genealogy Society’s featured speaker at its March 6 meeting being held at 7 p.m., at the Ozark Regional Library in Ironton.

The topic of Autry’s presentation will be the Cherokee removal, with an additional focus on tracing the tribe’s ancestry. While some small groups of Cherokee moved west in the early 1800s, their forced relocation — known as the Trail of Tears — took place from 1836 through 1839. One of the very last Cherokee groups to travel west over land camped in the Arcadia Valley in the early weeks of 1839.

There is a renewed interest today in the Cherokee removal and in the Cherokees, generally. Many residents of southeast Missouri who have family who came from where the Cherokee once lived, may be related to the tribe through their ancestors’ intermarriage with the Indians.

Autry will present a thumbnail sketch of Cherokee removal history and what has happened to the tribe since; with the object being to reveal the main resources for tracing Cherokee ancestry and how and why these records came about. As time permits, the discussion may also include some of the other Southern Indian Nations — such as the Creek and Choctaw — and their culture, all with the goal of making easier the search for an Indian ancestor.

The meeting is open to the public.

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