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New congressional maps released

After a lengthy process Missouri’s Redistricting Office of the Office of Administration has released the tentative congressional maps for 2012.

Congressional and state legislative districts are redrawn each decade after the census. The census population for Missouri is now seven percent less, at just under six million. A bi-partisan citizen panel appointed by Governor Nixon met during early 2011 to redraw the legislative district boundaries for the 2012 elections. 

A change to the Congressional District encompassing Madison County was made based on the 2010 census. What was the 156th district will now be the 145th. The new district will no longer include Wayne County. It will include the southern section of Perry County along with a large section of the town of Perryville. Shelley Keeney will continue to serve this district as the State Representative.

Mississippi County is no longer included in the 27th Senatorial District, which serves Madison County. Jason Crowell will continue to serve as the State Senator representing the citizens of Madison County.  

The Governor’s appointed panel did not complete its assignment by its deadline of September 18, 2011, so by law the task had to be turned over to a panel of Missouri Appeals Court judges known as the Missouri Appellate Apportionment Commission.  This is only the second time in state history a judicial panel has redistricted both chambers of the General Assembly.

Through meetings and other input, the judicial panel has now drawn maps and submitted its report to the Secretary of State in order for that office to prepare for the 2012 elections.  Each district is to be contiguous and as equal in population as practical.

Summary maps and demographic reports describing the new Senate districts are posted on the website: Additional detailed maps and census descriptions filed with Secretary of State will also soon be available on the website.

On the “interactive” map selection, you can click on the two options of House or Senate to lay out each of those new boundaries.  You are also able to zoom in for closer details.  For both the House and the Senate options, you will see more detailed information.

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