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School newspaper going digital

The Farmington KnightLife newspaper has entered the new age of technology and is no longer being printed … it will only be available in a digital format. It is now called “KNIGHTVISION”, the name of a new website that combines Black Knight Television and the KnightLife newspaper.

New instructor Aaron Murray took over the BKTV and KnightLife programs at the start of the semester with the exodus of longtime instructor Molly Hartrup. The district has said the change of the programs is part of “convergence technology”. In the last month the new website had more than 1,000 views from 694 unique devices such as computers or cell phones.

Murray said this makes it easier for students to do more stories and keep the stories updated. “In the past when the paper came out the stories were at least a couple of weeks old. Now when they complete a story it can be up within a couple of hours,” said the instructor.

When Murray first began teaching the class he had students come up with three topics they wanted to write. The idea behind this was if they were interested in the topics then other students may be interested as well. One student writes about health issues. Others write about fashion, sports, local news, entertainment, technology, community history and other topics.

In January the district purchased 20 computers to make the transition to online easier. Murray said they had 10 older computers and they needed newer ones to make the transition more seamless.

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