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UniTec students earn medals

BONNE TERRE — UniTec Career Center students earned 48 medals at the annual SkillsUSA East Central District Championships at UniTec Feb. 17.

This year’s event included competitors from career centers in Arcadia Valley, Cape Girardeau, Jefferson College, and Perryville, judges from local business and industry, and advisors and leaders from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.  

UniTec had 59 high school students and three Mineral Area College students competing in their technical skilled areas and technical written information contests against students from the other career centers.

The first and second place winners will be competing at the Missouri State SkillsUSA Championships on March 29-31 at Linn State Technical College in Linn

The Missouri SkillsUSA Championships has been called the showcase of technical education. The championship competition recognizes career and technical education students who excel in their occupational areas, as well as leadership development activities that are such a vital part of the SkillsUSA program in the classroom.

These contests provide the students a place to show their skill levels and the opportunity for scholarships and other awards.

Advertising Design Technical Info: Jonathan Brown — 1st

Automotive Service Skills: Tylar Wuesthoff — 1st, Cody Barton — 2nd

Carpentry Skills: Parker Maize — 1st, Chris DeClue – 2nd

Collision Repair Skills:  Austin Johnson — 1st

Collision Repair Technical Info:  Austin Johnson — 1st, Dylan Nissila — 2nd

Commercial Baking Technical Info: William Cagle — 2nd

Computer Maintenance Skills: Zach Boyer — 1st

Culinary Arts Skills: Justin Harman — 3rd

 Culinary Arts Technical Info: Justin Harman — 1st   

Electronics Technology Skills: Kirstie Singleton — 3rd

Electronics Technology Technical Info: Martin Gapsch — 1st, Patrick Odgers — 2nd

First Aid/CPR: Kindsey Mills — 1st

Graphic Communications Skills: Jonathan Brown — 1st, Madelyne Missey — 2nd, Cathy Lincoln — 3rd

Graphic Communications Technical Info: Jonathan Brown – 2nd, Cathy Lincoln — 3rd

Medical Terminology:  Tiffany Hopkins — 1st

Motorcycle Service Skills & Technical Info:  David Thome — 1st

Nurse Assisting Skills: Matthew Finley — 1st

Nurse Assisting Technical Info: Melissa Burdin — 2nd, Matthew Finley — 3rd   

Photography: Allison Dennis — 1st, Micaela Helvey — 2nd, Tyler Henson — 3rd

Power Equipment Skills & Tech Info: Dylan Kemp — 1st, Jackson Plummer — 2nd

Residential Wiring Skills:  Trevor Welch — 1st, Carl Wheeler — 2nd, Ben Straughn – 3rd

Residential Wiring Technical Info: Aaron Worley — 1st, Jeffrey McCord — 2nd, Anthony Avila — 3rd

Robotics and Automation Technical Info: Ricky McCullough — 1st, Kirstie Singleton — 2nd  

Welding Technology Skills:  Jacob Conway — 1st, Billyjoe Bridges — 2nd  

Welding Technical Info:  Billyjoe Bridges — 2nd, Ryan Clines — 2nd (tied)

Postsecondary Mineral Area College Students:

Collision Repair Skills: Russell Shy — 1st  

Collision Repair Technical Info: Russell Shy — 1st  

Welding Technology Skills: Tanner Beers — 2nd, Chase Chrisco — 3rd  

Welding Technical Info: Chase Chrisco — 2nd

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