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Couple forever grateful to good Samaritans

Mary Ann Burch’s elderly aunt and uncle, both in their nineties, went to Steak and Shake recently, but never made it inside.

The uncle stumbled as he tried to take the step at the entrance. His wife thought she could steady him with her hand, but she instead fell with him. The uncle skinned his forehead and his nose, and ended up with two black eyes.

A customer came out of the store to help them get up. Another customer – a nurse, got out to check the couple, then returned to her car to get her medical kit. She cleaned the uncle’s injuries. The couple wanted to go home, rather than to the hospital. The woman drove the couple to their home to make sure of their safety.

The next morning, when the couple got up for breakfast, the woman came to their door to check on them and offered to pick breakfast up at McDonald’s. She took their names and number and said she would call them back to check on them.

Unfortunately, the couple forgot to get her name. Their family is grateful to the woman and wants to thank her for her kind acts.

“I just can’t get over everything she did for them,” Burch said of  the woman. “It has really touched me that somebody would do so much.”

Carley Hedley was at work recently when she needed some air freshener. She went into the housekeeping closet and looked through the carts. As she was trying to find air freshener, she saw an envelope marked car payment. There were papers sticking out of the envelope.

When she opened the envelope, there was $450 inside. She could have chosen to keep the money. Instead, Hedley decided to take the cash to the boss to see if someone had reported it lost, and put it in her pocket until she could do so.

A few hours later, Hedley noticed one of the house keepers come in. She said she forgot something and headed into the housekeeping closet. The woman ran back out with the papers. She was crying and saying, “Someone stole it!”

Now certain that the money belonged to the housekeeper, Hedley went over to the woman, explained that she was on her way to turn the money in, and gave it to the housekeeper.

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