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Barton receives award

North County school board member, Janet Barton, has received the Outstanding Rural School Board Member Award from the Missouri Association of Rural Educators.

When administrators and teachers are asked about “what makes a great board member,” they will answer “one who listens.”

Barton has spent the last three years serving the students, parents, patrons, and staff as a school board member working to improve and support the North County school district.

Barton, a retired secondary school teacher who was a Social Studies instructor for 34 years, mother, grandmother and community activist, knows what it takes to keep a district running efficiently and effectively.

The words “a true advocate for kids and education as a whole” describe the dedication Barton has provided to the district and the community as a whole. She is described as one who is very supportive of the district’s employees – always wanting to do more for the staff, while at the same time being very knowledgeable of the financial constraints on public education.

As a board member, one sometimes has to make decisions that are not all that favorable. When listening to appeals, she asks questions when appropriate, and supports responsible decision making – even when it is difficult, unpopular choice to be made. Barton makes her decisions and votes based on what is best for the children, staff, parents and the community.

She is described by a member of the staff as one who is not afraid to tackle obstacles and issues, while at the same time maintaining dignity and a professional attitude.

She is currently serving on the Bonne Terre Park Board, Community Betterment Committee, and Bonne Terre 150th Anniversary Committee. She is also a deacon of the First Christian Church in Bonne Terre.

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