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Dickerson is mayor’s pick for Chief of Police

Bismarck Mayor Dennis Mayberry contacted the Daily Journal on Friday announcing he had spent the morning looking over the applications of “three or four finalists” for the open post of city police chief, and was now prepared to nominate a candidate to the board of aldermen for approval.

The board had voted last month to demote long-time Chief of Police Dave Dickerson to the rank of sergeant and immediately begin a search for his replacement by seeking applications from candidates for the post.

Over the past year, the relationship between board members and former chief Dickerson had become increasingly strained, leading to his eventual demotion. Among the eight to nine applications received by the city for the job was one submitted by Dickerson.

Mayor Mayberry said that after looking over the submitted applications and considering each candidate’s qualifications, he intends to submit the name of Dave Dickerson to the board for the position of city police chief.

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