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50th Anniversary””

When you were a child and looked at someone who was fifty, you might have thought of them as ‘old.’  As far as you were concerned, that was a long way off from where you were.  It was even hard to believe that someone could still be around at that age!  Yet, the older one gets, fifty isn’t too old at all.  Fifty years of marriage wasn’t so unusual years ago, but with the divorce rate climbing higher and higher every year, many couples don’t even stay together ten years, much less fifty.  Fifty years of employment in the same establishment is nearly unheard of these days, but many faithful and committed employees stay with their companies as long as they can because of their loyalty and love for their job.

Here in Fredericktown, we have a wonderful tradition for our community that will be happening this coming weekend.  Our yearly Fredericktown Azalea Festival will be celebrating its fiftieth year!  It’s hard to believe, but there have been fifty princes and princesses, fifty queens, fifty parades, fifty carnivals, fifty craft shows, and fifty festival coordinators and committees.  Down through the years, many, many different citizens have been on the festival boards, and have dedicated countless hours to making the festivals entertaining, enjoyable for everyone, and a place where families could bring their loved ones to celebrate life.  I’m certain this coming weekend will be no different.  There have been years when it was bitterly cold and those riding floats had to wear coats and cover up with blankets.  There have been those years when it was extremely hot, and some band members and spectators were sunburned and passed out from heat exhaustion.  Then there have been the years of rain, rain, and more rain, with mud everywhere!  But you know what; everyone came out and supported the event, and had fun anyway.  May I just say that I would hope that regardless of the weather this coming weekend, that you and your family will appreciate the time and effort that has been spent on making this 50th anniversary a giant success!  CONGRATULATIONS Azalea Festival Board for providing some special times for all of us to remember.  

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