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Education foundation confers scholarships

The Farmington Education Foundation, or FEF, handed out their annual scholarships Tuesday to 15 Farmington High School students. The scholarships totaled $19,000.

Dr. David Cramp said the education foundation began in the mid 1990’s when Dr. Robert Webb formed the organization. The sole purpose of the foundation is to help fund unique projects such as Parents as Teachers, JROTC and others in the Farmington R-7 School District that the district cannot fund.

All the money the group raises goes to the Farmington R-7 School District. This year they will give roughly $23,000.

The money for scholarships comes primarily from memorials, with one from the FEF funds.

Dr. Cramp said they had two things happen this year that were amazing and have never happened before. One scholarship’s funding had run out and a former student called and said they finished early and returned part of the money, so they gave the scholarship to another student this year.

In the other instance, Cramp received a call while he was working on the final selection of recipients for the scholarships. The caller wanted to give a new scholarship in her sister’s name. Cramp said he had just reviewed an application from a student which met the exact criteria for the scholarship.

As for the recipients of scholarships handed out by the education foundation, this year’s list includes:

• The Damion Dane Memorial Scholarship worth $1,000 went to McKinzie Chilton.  

• The Todd W. Jokerst Memorial Scholarship worth $2,000 went to Marissa Sutherland.

• The Farmington Educational Foundation Scholarship worth $2,000 went to Haley Roberts and the additional five $1,000 recipients were Katelyn Thorne, Danielle Hankins, Kylee Hollinger, John Robinson and Makala Johnson.

• The Cecil Rhodes Scholarship worth $1,000 went to Brittany Fink.

• The Evelyn Beatrice Banister Memorial Scholarship worth $1,000 went to Heidi Schwalenberg.

• The Jim Dinwiddie Memorial Scholarship worth $1,000 went to Veeshesh Patel and Dennis Herbst III.

• The Jimmy Gonz Memorial Scholarship worth $1,000 went to Emily Harris.

• The Ron Short Memorial Scholarship worth $1,000 went to Rikki Augustine.

• The Jane Eberhart Bradley Memorial Scholarship worth $2,000 went to Taylor Politte.

The Farmington Educational Foundation began giving scholarships to graduating Farmington High School seniors in 2004.

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