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Sympathies, blessings and thanks

What a beautiful day the Lord has bestowed upon us. May we rejoice and be glad in it. The wind has a little nip to it, but that’s okay. We had a little drizzle of rain yesterday morning. I haven’t set out any plants, hope not many people lost theirs. There was ice on the windshields Monday morning. I did have my eyes on some poke but it got frost on it, so now I’ve got to wait for it to grow out again.

Sue Colyett a S. Iron bus driver took some school kids to Columbia Sunday. It was one of their clubs. Anyway they started back home Tuesday morning, stopped at McDonalds for breakfast. The bus driver fell and broke her leg in two places. She is now hospitalized up there waiting for swelling to go down so they can do surgery. Two extra people were with her but neither had CDL licenses so they couldn’t drive the bus back. Another couple had to take Gene Alcorn up there so he could drive the bus back. What a day they had!

Linda Lewis was taken to St. Louis Sunday morning by helicopter. Doctors said she was having mini strokes. She came right back home. We hope she gets back to feeling great.

Robert Alcorn was taken out one night this week by ambulance then put on the helicopter and flew to a hospital. I’m not sure which hospital. I was told he had a fall. We sure hope he wasn’t seriously injured. Remember him in prayer.

Bro. Howard and Ruth Casteel enjoyed having their daughter Brenda and at least part of her family come for a few days visit. She lives in Arkansas I think.

I was so sorry to read in the Journal Banner about the passing of Loretta Patterson of Vulcan. I had a hard time believing it as I didn’t even know she was sick. I was told she had a very rare kind of cancer. Her husband Jim is in Clark’s Mt Nursing Home. He has alzheimers. Loretta’s sister Dorothy Freeman was buried on Feb 1st this year. The many loved ones has my deepest and heartfelt sympathy.

Also the Welches family has my sympathy. I met him a few times in Piedmont. He lived next door, with his wife, to my cousin Nadine Slusher. He seem like a very nice person. Always smiling and teasing someone. His wife and their son have my sympathy. Their son lives in Indiana.

Congratulations (although a little late) to Michael Shy of Ironton on recently becoming a full fledged Eagle  Scout. He received many awards and congratulations from elected officials. He is the son of Tina Shy Sutton and step-son of Jeff Sutton. Step-grandson of Bro. Charles and Karion Sutton. Best wishes to you Michael. I know your mom is really proud of you and she has every right to be. I would be too.

I like what our road crew has done to this Minimum Road 134 and to County Road 135. Just hope they come back and finish up 134. They’ve really improved both roads.

By the way I saw in D.N. that the Madison County 4-H Club are having another pig roast and pie auction at the old Jewett School House, on May 19th beginning at 5 p.m. Live music by Betty and Jane and their bluegrass friends. Come out and help them out and enjoy your evening.

There was a surprise 40th anniversary party on April 14th at the home of Greg and Brenda Racer near Fredericktown, in honor of Brenda’s parents Lonnie and Evelyn Nash of Middlebrook. The party was hosted by Brenda and her sister Dana Nash. Sorry I couldn’t make it but I’m sure you all had fun, and didn’t miss me. Congratulations Lonnie and Evelyn.

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