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ERDCC helps care for puppies

This winter, the Eastern Reception, Diagnostic and Correctional Center’s (ERDCC) partnering shelter for Puppies for Parole, Diana’s Grove, lacked volunteers to care for three litters of puppies, one of which was orphaned, during the Christmas holidays.

Even though, ERDCC staff and offenders had never cared for puppies as part of the program, without hesitation they agreed to lend a helping hand.

“Puppies require a tremendous amount of personal attention,” said Cynthia Jones, director of Diana’s Grove. “They (puppies) are such a focus for love. Unfortunately, this time of year we have difficulty finding foster homes and volunteers to help care for them.

“We had a real dilemma with three litters. I never dreamed the staff and offenders at ERDCC would agree to help us out and take all of them. The one-on-one care they are receiving there (ERDCC) is a wonderful thing. This is a new thing for the offenders to take care of a mother and her puppies. We are so blessed they were willing to do this.”

Offenders cared for a Beagle and nine 1-week-old puppies, a Rat Terrier and six 3-week-old puppies, and four 8-week-old Labrador Retriever-mix puppies, who were orphaned.

Jonna Grubbs, the Puppies for Parole coordinator at ERDCC, said the puppies had a tremendous impact on the institution.

“As soon as they arrived, you could tell a difference,” Grubbs previously said in December. “It’s quite a sight to see an offender talking baby talk to a puppy. “

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