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Local musician back on the ivories after 20-year hiatus

Local lifelong musician and composer Ole Cram recently blew the dust from his keyboards, after a 20 year hiatus to raise his family, and returned to the scene with an eclectic blend of electronic compositions to inspire and soothe the soul.

The Cherokee Pass resident, who has been composing and playing since childhood said he is “not too concerned with profits or platinum albums”  and is using social media sites to share his work.

“You have to love what you’re doing,” said Cram. “That’s the main reason I am using the social media sites. It allows me to share the music so that other people can enjoy it. I come from a musical family and that’s what we were about, sharing. To me, it’s all about relaxing and enjoying what I do.”

Cram has created original compositions most of his life starting as a young boy on the piano. He also started playing the drums and received his first drum set at age ten. As he progressed in his music, electronic keyboards, synthesizers, larger drum sets, and various controlling and editing equipment were slowly added to support even richer sounds and full instrumental songs.

He calls his music “AstRock” (Astro-Rock) for its upbeat rhythms and rock flavor. Mix a dash of coffee house electronica, some jazz and a touch of the classics into a relaxing, mood-altering melody, and you get an idea of what Cram’s style is about.  

“It’s a little different. I have a lot of variety in what I do. It’s a little jazz music, a little easy listening; it’s really a more laid back music in that style. I do plan on putting my sequencers back together soon and getting back into some rock,” Cram said.

Cram said that growing up during the 1970s  and listening to the rock bands of the day had a definite influence on his style. As he matured he grew an appreciation for a more refined sound.

“As a kid I had a lot of influences in heavy rock. Kiss, Rush, Yes and stuff like that. Then when I got into college, I discovered jazz. I followed Miles Davis and all the really good jazz pianists and just kind of changed over. I still love rock though,” said Cram.

The artist gave concerts throughout Kansas until settling down to focus on his family. Recently, he started composing music again and is sharing it with fans by exclusively using his own website, as well as You Tube, Facebook, Fandalism and other sites.

While he currently does not have an album, Cram does plan on putting one together in the future. He also plans on booking some local venues in the near future.

“At this point I am just using the social media sites, but I do plan on putting an album together in the coming months. Right now I am just enjoying composing so much that I haven’t had the chance to stop and do that. I am just in the initial state of starting up again after 20 years, so I really want to get my skills in shape and build up my fan base before I make that move,”said Cram.

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