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Altercation results in two felony arrests

An altercation near the Court Square in Fredericktown resulted in two felony firearm arrests, Friday, May 18.

Harold M. Frick, 26, of St. Louis was charged with “unlawful use of a weapon,” “unlawful use of a loaded firearm by an intoxicated person,” and “resisting/interfering with an arrest,” all class D felonies.

Harold Frick’s father, Michael S. Frick, 48, of Fredericktown was also charged with “unlawful use of a loaded firearm by an intoxicated person” and “resisting/interfering with arrest for a felony” in the incident.  

According to probable cause statements and reports from Fredericktown Police Captain Eric Hovis, the Department was alerted to an altercation taking place at approximately 6 p.m., Friday May 18, on a parking lot near the Courthouse Square in Fredericktown.

Witnesses reported the suspects had brandished a loaded firearm in a threatening manner and attempted to start a fight with several people.

Upon arrival, the Captain said he spotted two men matching the suspects’ descriptions standing near a truck and ordered them to stop. The suspects reportedly refused and verbally harassed the Captain.    

Captain Hovis subdued the first suspect, Harold Frick, and moved to the other side of the vehicle where the second suspect, Michael Frick, was standing with his hand on a loaded 30-caliber Carbine rifle.

The Captain subdued the second suspect after a few minutes and both men were taken into custody without further incident.

Both suspects are in the Madison County Jail on a $50,000 cash-only bond. A trial date has not been set.

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In other local news, several residents were evacuated for a short period of time Thursday morning (May 17) due to a gas leak.

According to Fredericktown Fire Department Chief John Clark, an automobile struck a gas meter near the area of Locust Street in Fredericktown. Approximately 30 residents were evacuated from the immediate area by the Madison County Sheriff’s Department, Fredericktown Police Department and Fredericktown Fire Department.

The leak was contained a short time later with no incident.  No charges were filed against the driver.

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