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Summer fun for Boy Scout Troop 27

Boy Scout Troop 27 will start off the summer with a camping trip to Camp Lewallen in Silva, Missouri, May 18-20.  In June, 19 of the boys will return to Camp Lewallen for summer camp, where they will spend a week earning merit badges, meeting other Scouts, learning more about themselves and enjoying the great outdoors.

It’s a time honored tradition for Scouts to be outdoors. Troop 27 has made plans to continue the tradition with camping activities they have planned once a month for the entire year.  Summer presents a great time for Scouts to get the maximum benefits of camping.  They get to hike, swim, fish, sit around the campfire and take in the stars at night.                                                                                                                                        The outdoor experience gives a Scout more than just a fun time though, it helps him learn to be independent and self-sufficient.  All the Scouts work together to pitch their tents, set up camp and prepare for the activities necessary to camp.  Each patrol in Troop 27 plans its own meals and carries out the entire plan on its own, with the supervision of the Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters. The scouts prepare their food, serve the meal and clean up after themselves after everyone has eaten.

Anytime the boys go camping they must work together, just as they would in a job or any other group of people attempting to accomplish a goal.

If you know a boy who might be interested in becoming a part of Boy Scout Troop 27 please call Scoutmaster John Hargis at 573-561-4525 or Assistant Scoutmaster Kyle Bastie at 573-934-6007.

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