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North County hires new principal

North County has hired one of its own to serve as the principal of the primary school next year.

Dr. Yancy Poorman said during the Thursday night closed session, the school board voted to offer the position to Emily Bach on a one-year contract.

Bach has been a high school assistant principal, the A+ coordinator, and a Secondary Special Education Placement Specialist. She was also principal of St. Joseph Catholic School in Farmington.

The assistant principal will be Lori Burke. She has taught in the Fox C-6 School District for 18 years in grades 1-4. She is currently pursuing a Doctorate degree, and has completed her Education Specialist degree at Missouri Baptist University.

“We are looking forward to a positive year, and expect Mrs. Bach and Mrs. Burke to work diligently at making improvements in student performance,” Poorman said Friday.

The primary school principal had been Nicholle Ruess for the past two years but the board voted in May to move her into the position of middle school assistant principal, saying School Improvement Level 4 gave them no choice.

Poorman said their options were to move the principal, move the staff at the elementary schools or lose $1.3 to 1.7 million in Title I money, which could affect 12 to 15 jobs, as well as end programs such as Reading Recovery and Early Childhood.

A few parents came before the school board in May complaining about the decision to transfer Ruess without allowing parents to have input in the district’s restructuring plan.

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