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When Darrol and I got married, I didn’t really know how to cook very much.  I could scramble eggs, and fix a jello salad, but that was about it.  My tasks in growing up was setting the table correctly, then afterwards, cleaning up, and washing, drying, and putting everything away.  My mother was a wonderful cook and made extremely delicious and nourishing food for our family.  All of that said though, she was very protective of her space; the kitchen being her main domain!  I was allowed to sit in a chair and watch her create her dishes, but never allowed to actually do any of the cooking.  To this day I believe I am probably better at cleaning than creating food dishes  (that’s why it was such a treat for Darrol to spoil me and have many of the meals already made when I got home from work)!  But, shortly after we were married, it was a Saturday, and I decided to make my mother’s recipe of baking powder biscuits.  I’m thinking as long as I have the recipe, it couldn’t be that hard, so I made the biscuits.  Mother’s were always soft and flaky and delicious and we had them every night for dinner.  Mine on the other hand were hard as a rock!  Darrol never said a word.  He took a couple of biscuits, poured gravy over them, and ate every bite!  Never once did he embarrass me about how hard they were!  Needless to say, I never made them again.  I’m sure if I had kept trying, they would have been close to my Mother’s, but I decided not to push it!  What a man I had!  Years later, we laughed and laughed every time he would order his favorite; biscuits and gravy!!

Not long ago I read about a man who did something similar.  His wife had worked hard all day, but had fixed eggs, sausage, and extremely burned biscuits for their supper.  The man took his biscuits, put butter and jelly on them, and ate every bite.  Later, his daughter asked him if he liked burned biscuits.  He explained to her that a few burned biscuits never hurt anyone.  When we can learn to accept the mistakes or faults of others and treat them with respect, we are creating healthy, growing, and lasting relationships.  If we can take the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of our lives and lay them at the feet of God, we would all be better off.  He accepts us like we are every time.

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