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Farmington Council takes second look at development plan

The City of Farmington will take a second look at the Planned Unit Development or PUD site plan approval White Oak Manor, formerly known as Town and Country at their meeting tonight.

Farmington City Council introduced their legislation for the project at the May 29 meeting to revamp the property on the north edge of the city.

The property was recently annexed into the city at the request of a new owner. Now he hopes to upgrade the park with improved streets, more homes and storage units available to residents. The initial annexation was part of an agreement to eliminate a small sewage treatment plant and connect to municipal water and sewer lines.

Months ago the request for water and sewer access was requested, followed by the annexation request. At that time it was explained the new owner was making noticeable strides to improve the park.

It was explained that in years past similar plans to build or rearrange mobile home parks have been approved as site plans presented to the council. In the meantime the city ordinances have changed, bringing such requests under the relatively new “Planned Unit Development, or PUD, site plan approval process.

The legislation was requested by 67 Development Company for the newly-named White Oak Manor, formerly Town and Country mobile home park.

The council will also have a second reading to amend changes on sign regulations to allow common commercial signs which are not currently permitted because they are classified as off premise signs. Under the proposed regulations, a developer could place a common sign listing all businesses in the area on one large sign at the entrance to the development, even though they are on individual lots. Some signs like that exist in town already but the city found in some cases there is one large lot with several businesses on the lot or the sign is in at least one case outside the city limits. This bill will lower the restrictions on those types of signs.

They will have a first and second reading on an ordinance authorizing and directing the Mayor of Farmington to enter into and execute an agreement with Brockmiller Construction, Inc.  

They will also have a reading for appointing members to the planning and zoning commission.

Farmington City Council will meet tonight at 6:30 p.m. at Long Memorial Hall.

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