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Youth donates portion of proceeds to charity

FREDERICKTOWN – There was a budding young executive among all the booths and sellers at Country Days. Parker Brown is a fourth grader from Fredericktown Intermediate school who could perhaps teach Wall Street a thing or two about finance.

The 9-year-old entrepreneur has not only started a unique and successful business, but gives a portion of his proceeds to a different charity each month. He donated $200 of his profits from the Azalea Festival to his Boy Scout Troop 27. And he donated $160 to Calvary Kids City from his Country Days proceeds. Calvary City is a children’s ministry outreach in Fredericktown.

“It says in the Bible to give at least 10 percent of your income as an offering to God,” Brown said. “God gave me this talent, I need to bless others. It’s my way of honoring God.”

Brown crafts items from “paracord.” The material can be used for many things such as shoelaces, sewing, or as a clothesline, but is also used in survival situations for tourniquets, first aid, fishing lines, making a fire bow or building a shelter. It was developed by the U.S. military for use in parachutes during World War II.

“It’s not only fashionable; it’s something you can use in a survival situation. We actually took a cord and folded it over and pulled a truck with it. It’s incredibly strong,” Brown said.

Some of the items available for purchase include bracelets, necklaces, key chains and flip-flops. Prices range from $2 to $12. Brown offers the products in a variety of styles and an endless array of colors. He also offers paracord Breast Cancer Awareness ribbons, Alzheimer’s Awareness ribbons and Support the Troops ribbons.

The business was started by Parker producing a few bracelets with his dad and giving them to classmates. After seeing an increase in demand, he began selling the items to cover the cost of inventory.

Brown also has a Facebook page, “Paracord by Parker,” where customers can view some of the products and ask questions or offer comments. For more information or to purchase products call Paracord By Parker at 573-783-6901 or

Pat Pratt can be reached at 573-783-3366 or

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