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Judge denies bond for Burnia

FARMINGTON – A woman accused of trying to hire someone to kill her husband was denied a bond reduction Tuesday.

Annette Burnia, 38, of Park Hills, is charged with attempted murder. Her bond is set at $200,000 cash only. Her preliminary hearing was set for Aug. 21.

Her attorney, District Defender Wayne Williams asked Associate Circuit Court Judge Wendy Wexler Horn to reduce the bond by half and make it a cash or surety bond. He said the current bond was more than what was necessary to ensure her appearance in court. He said Burnia is not a threat to the community, is not a flight risk and has no prior convictions.

Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Pat King said he disagreed with Williams’ statement that Burnia is not a threat to the community. He said she absolutely is a threat to the community because she solicited numerous people to kill her husband.

He asked what will ensure she will be law-abiding while out on bond and stop trying to kill her husband.

Attorney Julie McCarver spoke on behalf of Burnia’s husband, Kevin Burnia. McCarver represented the husband in an adult abuse restraining order that was filed against Burnia before she was even arrested.

She reminded the judge that Burnia threatened her 16-year-old son, his girlfriend and their unborn baby, as well.

McCarver asked Judge Horn to increase the bond but the judge said she wouldn’t consider it before the state filed a motion to increase bond.

The judge denied Williams’ motion to reduce the bond, saying she was well aware of the history between Burnia and her husband and not willing to take a chance.

According to court records, Burnia’s son reported to Park Hills Police that Burnia was trying to hire someone to kill her husband for the insurance money. He said she had asked him to kill the man who was his stepfather. She had offered him half the insurance money, a truck, and a new gun and threatened to harm his unborn child if he told anyone about this.

Park Hills Detectives arranged to have Burnia meet an undercover officer posing as a friend of the juvenile who claimed he would help Burnia.

The undercover officer met with Burnia at her home on Crane Street. She told him that she wanted her husband killed and the body to disappear.

Burnia finally agreed to pay $200 and sign over the title to her husband’s boat after her husband was killed, saying it would be community property.

Burnia asked the undercover officer to bring her back her husband’s credit cards and his cell phones so she knew the job was done.

She told the undercover officer her husband’s name, where he lives, what he looks like and what kind of truck he drives.

When the undercover officer said he would need the $200 upfront, she went into the house and brought him two hundred dollar bills.

Not long after the undercover officer left, police went to her residence and arrested her.

Teresa Ressel is a reporter for the Daily Journal and can be reached at 573-431-2010, ext. 179 or at

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